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The Success of the Economy



will not lead to any gains unless people are healthy.

A healthy population is needed to improve the state of the economy. Healthy living conditions for human beings must be restored through political measures.

We are offering an economic program that will make up for the billions of Euros lost through the economic crisis in Germany and throughout Europe. At the same time, the crime rate can be kept in check.

Comfrey (symphytum officinalis)

Over a period of ten thousand years, human beings have continued to develop their intelligence, social engagement and human capabilities with the aid of natural medicines. Many have lost this natural foundation through the influence of civilization and industrialization. In addition to established medicine, which is valuable treating acute and life-threatening illnesses, we must find our way back to the primary path of natural healing substances. The main path to deeper healing is an understanding of the absolute superiority of potenticized natural energy. Intellectual progress can be achieved by integrating the knowledge that is already encoded in nature. Animals and plants are the masters over all forms of parasitic life. Knowledge of all that is necessary in order to live in peace and freedom is stored in their bodies. In order for human progress to take place, unadulterated nature must be utilized in a clean-handed and benevolent manner. Scientific proof of this fact can be found in the following letters:

The rising costs of medical care that are causing national debt to multiply, the 24 billion Euros spent on medications in 2007 are steps in the wrong direction and need to be corrected. Furthermore, costs can be expected to rise because the scientifically founded procedures for diagnosis and therapy of acute infection and allergies are not covered by statutory health insurance - despite the fact that this is a political directive. Neither suitable basic diagnostics nor regeneration of the immune system are listed in the scale of fees. This is not in keeping with the principles of our social security system or the Basic Constitutional Law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Crime is an illness and begins in the brain.  Evil is an illness. If the populace is rendered helpless, it becomes easy prey for parasites. Fungi, bacteria and viruses are floating through the air. In rooms where people work and congregate, they are present in unimaginably high concentrations. Human beings take them in through the air they breathe, the food they eat and through skin contact. Parasites are skilled in the art of deception. First, they disguise themselves so that they do not appear to be harmful to the body. But then they switch off the natural alarm system in the brain and, at the same time, paralyze the immune system. As a result, they spread and gain strength until they are stronger than the body's capability to recognize them so that reactions of the immune system are checkmated.

Chronic illnesses triggered by these means are caused by microorganisms. In the USA, this condition is being scientifically investigated; the term "low level infections" has been coined to describe it. I, too, dare to suggest that chronic ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure or senile cerebral insufficiency are caused exclusively by these microorganisms, that are no longer held in check by immune barriers. They destroy the organism's defense system - by poisoning the human body! They are aided by their ability to hide in erythrocytes or lymph glands and are often not detected until after death, either in cancerous growths or organs that have undergone pathological change.

This is often due to therapy with antibiotics without regard for immune-regulating intestinal flora and to other pharmaceutical substances that artificially correct, replace or manipulate our body's functioning. Certain groups of substances are hostile to life and also cause pathological changes to the brain. All members of civilization are affected, including politicians, priests, lawyers, and doctors.

Decisive changes in the economy can only take place if there are changes in the health system. A new health system is desperately needed. Furthermore, the population needs to be supplied with natural health remedies that not only maintain immunity, but also health brain functioning. Intelligence arises from the body's capacity to overcome destructive germs in the human environment.
In "Invasion of the Bodysnatchers", American author Jack Finney described programmed beings whose immunity was checkmated by chemical substances foreign to the human body. Thus, they fell victim to the microscopic plants, fungi, present in the air they breathed, poisoning their brains and robbing them of their individual freedom.
Over 40 million Americans are suffering due to herpes simplex viruses and parasites that are spread through the air they breathe. Antibiotics are not a solution if their brains are to remain healthy.
Programmed human beings are incapable of determining the course of their own lives or solving problems. This reflects the situation of society at the present time.

Politicians and patrons are called upon to change this state of affairs - for the future is of a godly nature.

With best regards

Anneliese Lühr-Lehrs

Physical Therapist, Traditional Healer, Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur

Jimson weed (datura stramonii)